About Us

CECO Environmental is a leading environmentally focused, diversified industrial company whose solutions protect people, the environment, and industrial equipment across the globe, serving a broad landscape of industrial air, industrial water and energy transition markets.

We serve these markets and our global customers through our key business segments: Engineered Systems and Industrial Process Solutions. Learn more about CECO by visiting About Us.

Earn in the Grass

CECO Environmental has installed more than 32,000 air pollution control systems with the capability to eliminate more than 4.4 billion pounds of pollutants per year, equivalent to removing more than 50 million passenger vehicles from the road. CECO technologies and products reduce or eliminate harmful pollutants, including CO, VOCs, NOx, HAPs, Acid Gases, and Particulate Matter.


Environmental, Social & Governance

At CECO we are energized by our mission to protect people, the environment, and industrial equipment. And we are embracing sustainability inside our company and across the global business environment. This is not just a simple initiative; this is who we are. Thank you for joining us as we pursue the journey ahead. Together, we will make a real difference.