Shareholder FAQs

Where is CECO Environmental located?

The headquarters of CECO Environmental Corp. is located in Dallas, Texas. CECO has a global presence with offices and business units in the US, Canada, China, India, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Please see here for the addresses and contact information of each location.

Where is your stock traded?

CECO Environmental Corp. stock is traded on the NASDAQ Exchange under the ticker symbol CECO.

How can I invest in CECO? Can I buy stock directly from CECO?

You can purchase stock in the Company (ticker: CECO) through a registered broker or stock purchase service provider of your choice. You cannot buy CECO stock directly from the Company.

Does CECO Environmental have a Direct Stock Purchase and Dividend Reinvestment Program, and if so, how do I enroll?

Yes, CECO offers a Dividend Reinvestment Plan administered by our transfer agent, Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions.  The Direct Stock Purchase Plan prospectus and Participants in this Plan can increase their holdings by having all or a certain portion of their dividends (if, and when dividends are declared by the CECO’s Board of Directors and paid) reinvested in CECO common stock at a discount to the market price, as described in the Plan. For more information on CECO’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan, please contact our Shareholder Services Representatives toll-free at (877) 830-4936.   The Direct Stock Purchase Plan prospectus can be found here

Does CECO pay cash dividends on its stock?

Dividends are declared and approved only at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

How can I obtain additional investor information such as CECO Environmental’s annual report or other SEC filings?

You can download documents online by clicking here.

When is CECO Environmental’s fiscal year end?

CECO Environmental's fiscal year is based on the calendar year with the last day of the fiscal year on December 31.

How do I find out how many shares of CECO stock I own?

Please contact CECO Environmental's transfer agent, Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions and a representative will assist you. Shareholder Services Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time at toll-free (877) 830-4936.

I know I own shares of CECO Environmental, but I do not have certificates, what does that mean?

This could mean that your shares of CECO Environmental are being held in Book Entry form with either Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions or with your broker. Book Entry is safer for the stockholder since paper certificates can be lost, stolen or destroyed.

I have lost my stock certificate, what do I do?

Lost stock certificate transmittal forms can be obtained from Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions for a fee that is determined by the value of the shares that you own. When filled out, this lost stock transmittal form must be signed in front of a notary. To request the paperwork, please call their shareowner services line at (877) 830-4936 and a representative will assist you.

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