Jason DeZwirek

Mr. DeZwirek has served on the CECO board since 1994, having been Chairman since May 2013. Previously, he served as Secretary from February 1998 until September 2013. Mr. DeZwirek also previously served as a director and corporate secretary of API Technologies Corp., a prime contractor in electronics, highly engineered systems, secure communications, and electronic components and sub-systems for the defense and aerospace industries, from November 2006 through January 2011.

In 1999, Mr. DeZwirek founded Kaboose Inc., a family focused online media company, and served as Chairman and CEO until its sale to Disney Online (a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company) and Barclays Private Equity Limited in June 2009.

Mr. DeZwirek brings broad executive expertise to the CECO board, including operations, technology, management, and strategy. Having served as a CECO director for over 20 years, he also has a breadth of knowledge of the overall issues the Company faces.