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New Tandem Seal Option On The CECO Dean RA Series Air-Cooled Pump For High-Temperature Applications
Meets Growing Demand for Increased Safety, Environmental Protection and Risk Reduction

DALLAS, Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- CECO Environmental, a leading global provider of fluid handling and air quality technology and solutions today announced a breakthrough tandem seal design option for its air cooled, Dean RA series pump.  Dean's air-cooled, RA Series pumps are specifically manufactured for high-temperature, thermal fluid pumping applications.  The addition of a tandem seal option further enhances the benefits of the RA series air cooled pump by:

  • Protecting environmentally sensitive areas from ground leaks
  • Increasing safety with added protection in order to avoid flammable fluids
  • Reducing risk to improve compliance with insurance requirements

New CECO Dean air-cooled tandem seal pump for high temperature applications helps customers increase safety, protect the environment against leaks and reduces risk to help industrials meet insurance requirements. (PRNewsfoto/CECO Environmental Corp.)

"There is a growing demand for pumps that bring increased safety and environmental protection where high temperatures and potentially flammable fluids are being pumped," said Chris Brown, President of CECO Environmental's Fluid Handling business. "It's great to see our engineers, in a proven brand like Dean, continue to innovate new options that address evolving customer requirements."

Dean's RA Series, air-cooled pumps feature a shaft mounted fan to move air flow over the cooling fins on the exterior of the pump. This technology eliminates the need for external flush plans to protect the bearings and mechanical seal from overheating.  Dean incorporated the new tandem seal option into its RA series by utilizing an inert barrier fluid between two seal faces whose level and pressure is controlled using Plan 52 technology. 

The new tandem seal option will be available on all thirteen of the ductile iron pump sizes Dean manufactures for the RA series.  

Technical Specifications:

  • Capacities to 1,100 GPM (250 m3/hr)
  • Heads to 425 ft (130 m)
  • Pumping Temp. to 650° F (343° C)
  • Working Pressures to 350 PSIG (2,413 kPa)

Click on the link for more information on the new tandem seal option and contact information

About CECO:  CECO Environmental is a global leader in air quality and fluid handling serving the energy, industrial and other niche markets. Providing innovative technology and application expertise, CECO helps companies grow their business with safe, clean and more efficient solutions that help protect our shared environment. In regions around the world, CECO works to improve air quality, optimize the energy value chain and provide custom engineered solutions for applications including oil and gas, power generation, water and wastewater, battery production, poly silicon fabrication, chemical and petrochemical processing along with a range of others. CECO is listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol "CECE". For more information, please visit www.cecoenviro.com.

Media Contact: mfranklin@onececo.com

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