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World Renowned Industrial Ventilation Team Unveils New Technology To Keep Mailrooms Safe From Biohazards
CECO Introduces cAir Mail(TM) - A Complete Mailroom Security Solution, More Advanced Than Any Available System

CECO ENVIRONMENTAL , North America's largest independent air quality control company, today announced that it has engineered a new, innovative system for the protection of workers handling suspicious mail. The solution was developed based on CECO's expertise and more than three decades experience providing air quality and pollution control solutions for the industrial sector. CECO has been a key participant in the U.S. military's chemical weapons destruction program since its inception.

More advanced than any other solution currently on the market, cAir Mail(TM) offers a double layer of protection through two individual units, which can be utilized independently, or together for improved protection. cAir Mail(TM) can be used in both industrial and corporate settings.

"The risk to workers is serious in itself," says Gerry Lanham, President of CECO subsidiary kbd/Technic, Inc. "But, events like those we saw in Washington can render a building uninhabitable for many months, especially if spores or chemicals are allowed to spread from the mailroom. This would be catastrophic to any company's business, and that's why we need to look hard at the overall issue of security for corporate clients. Mailroom security should be taken as seriously as security for other business interests, such as email and electronic data files."

Gerry A. Lanham, P.E., managed the design team responsible for the complete cAir Mail(TM) solution. Mr. Lanham has 37 years experience in the air filtration and ventilation industry and is a member of the Industrial Ventilation Committee of the prestigious American Council of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH). He has designed more than 200 air containment control systems, which are deployed around the world. In addition, Lanham has provided analysis and design for dust control systems in bulk mail handling facilities. On top of these accomplishments, Mr. Lanham has been an employee of CECO, as well as Kirk & Blum and kdb/Technic -- both of which are now divisions of CECO -- for over three decades.

"We knew that if anyone could design and deliver an effective, affordable solution and get it to market quickly, it would be Gerry Lanham," said CECO Chairman and CEO, Phillip DeZwirek. "These new products will help companies provide a more secure mailroom environment for their employees and also for their physical business premises."

The first unit, known as the CECO Sorting Table, is designed for use during general mail sorting and handling. Unopened mail is placed on the desktop portion of the unit for sorting, examination and opening. Any loose contaminants on the outside of the envelopes are contained by the downdraft airflow, as are any contaminants that spill when the envelopes are opened. Contaminants measuring 0.3 microns or more are trapped by CECO's sophisticated filtration technology at 99.97% efficiency. The unit comes equipped with a bag-in, bag-out system, for the safe removal and replacement of filters. The sorting table is a version of the downdraft table that CECO has been manufacturing and supplying to corporate and industrial clients for 80 years, which has been upgraded to meet today's challenges.

The second, new unit is the "last line of defense." It is designed around a quarantine chamber, and is used to completely isolate suspicious mail and keep any potential hazards within the confines of an enclosed system for increased protection. It is designed to be utilized when suspicious mail is encountered. A mailroom worker places the suspicious letter or package into a slot at the side of the unit using gloved hands. As the suspect mail makes its way through protective flaps, any contaminants that may be present on the outside are vacuumed inwards through a HEPA filter and fan. Once the mail is inside the quarantine chamber, the worker can safely open and examine the letter manually in a negative pressure environment, from which biohazards are unable to escape and enter the ventilation system or harm any employee. If the worker sees anything spill from the envelope during that process, he or she would remove their gloves, turn off the equipment, bag the entire machine and call emergency hazardous materials personnel.

CECO cAir Mail(TM) is an affordable solution for almost any size company. It will be marketed to multinational corporations, government offices, embassies, financial institutions and other companies that receive large volumes of mail or packages, which could put them at greater risk. CECO is currently engaging a large state university and a respected engineering testing corporation to have the prototype unit, which has already been designed and manufactured, tested and certified.


CECO Environmental Corp. is North America's largest independent air pollution control company. Through its six subsidiaries -- Air Purator Corporation, Busch Company, CECO Filters, kbd/Technic, CECO Abatement and Kirk & Blum -- CECO provides a wide spectrum of air quality services and products including: industrial air filters, high performance filter fabrics, environmental maintenance, monitoring and management services, and air quality improvements systems. With over $90-million in annual revenue, CECO is a full-service provider to the steel, military, aluminum, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor, chemical, cement, metalworking, glass, foundry and virtually all industrial process industries. For more information on CECO environmental please visit the company's website at http://www.cecoenviro.com.


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